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The water around them was soothing and calm, the gentle waves splashing against the boat's side as he caressed the fragile crate lying on top of him. Earlier that day the waves had been vicious, and she had been thrown around into several other of her family members. She was sore, and needed comfort. Boat was there for her, though, to hold her cold, metallic handles, and whisper her words of love and care.

All was quiet that night, save for a few birds flying overhead, signalling their growing approach to land. The journey had been long, but it was worth it, if only to meet his love. He felt her begin to stir, and creaked in response to assure her here was still here, that she hadn't been taken away. Not yet.

"I can feel it's almost time…" She whispered through the air to him, saddened.

"No, don't talk like that… please…" He replied to her, fighting what he knew was right. A seagull chirped in its agreeance. Soon it would be time for them to part.

"The birds know. I know. My family knows. Why do you refuse it?" She asked him, terrified at his answer.

"Because I love you, Crate! I can't let you leave!" He cried out in agony.

All she could do is give him a gentle smile as tear fell across her steel surface, knowing the pain that was surging through his pipe systems. It was the same pain she felt inside of her, as her own organs seemed to shift in depression.

"Soon I will be gone…" She told him lovingly, "There will be nothing left inside of me, nothing left for me to feel. I'll have nothing to give you. There will be no purpose in you keeping me here."

"T-that's not true, we kind find something! We can refill that emptiness you feel!"

She tried to shake her head, but couldn't. The coldness of the night and the sorrow of the future left her paralyzed with anxiety and fear.
"Sleep, Boat. It will do us both good."

With that, the rest of the night seemed to sail away from them, like they were drifting closer to the end, and further away from each other.


He was jolted awake by a wave that had crashed upon his side. The morning sun was beginning to rise, but it had also awoken the violent ocean they found themselves in. Just like his emotions, it was unpredictable and filled with mystery and darkness.

"Crate?" he called out into the seemingly frosted air. It had gotten colder, much colder.

"Y-yes?" A stammer came out from around him as another wave buffeted him.

He remained silence and looked up her at that moment, making sure she hadn't spent another night being tossed around like a simple cardboard box. She didn't deserve to be treated as a mere child. She was beautiful, and that beauty needed to be nurtured.

"Just making sure you're okay…" He tried to smile, but his worry seeped through his lips. Something had gone wrong.

"I no longer hear the birds…" She told him as she looked through the air, searching for a sign of comfort and solace. They had become further away from the shore while she rested upon him.

As the realization crossed them both at the same time, a single, powerful wave crashed into him, sending him tilting to one side. With a horrific crash, she tipped over to the side, the sickening sound of metal against wood screaming into his ears. He struggled to steady himself in the fierce waters, and he knew it would only get worse. From the corner of his eye, he could see the black clouds of a storm.

"C-crate? Are you alright?" He asked her in panic.

"Yes, I'm fine," She choked back through her pain, "Just hurt one of my sides."

Another wave buffeted against him, sending her family in different directions, crashing against each other. The children screamed in agony as the parents grimaced and tried to calm them down. Why was this happening? They were so close…

"So close to what?" He asked himself as you thought of last night, "To out eternal parting and my everlasting regret? Perhaps this way, we'll be able to stay together…"

"You didn't… move us away, did you?" She asked him as a watery mist covered up her tears.

"Of course not! Why would I do that?"

"So we could be together…" She whispered more to herself than her love. It was only in this moment he understood how she was feeling.

Her calm, soothing voice, a method to solve her own sadness. She was ready for this to happen. She knew it would happen. That's why she had asked him to understand, in order to help him prepare for the moment they would leave. He had failed her, in the worst possible way.

"I'm so sorry…" He told her with his entire, clunky heart.

"I was ready… I finally pulled up the strength to leave the only one I'll ever love… and now…" She couldn't speak anymore. Everything she had been holding back, to save him from his own grief, came out in her purist form of misery.

"I didn't know… I didn-"

A bolt of lightning towered above the them as it struck down somewhere into the waters. A wave at the same moment, more violent than that he had ever experienced, pounded into his side with the force of a bullet train. His words sputtered into silence as the family he was carrying crashed hard all around him, and one single scream sounded that drowned out the oncoming thunder.

A splash fell into the waves, and Boat gazed out to the spot in which his love had been resting only moments ago. There lay only an empty space.

"CRATE?" He yelled out so that the rest of the family would go silence, and he could alone pray for a response.

Nothing. Not a word. The water splashed, the children whispered, but the love was in silence. She had gone over, into the one place she could never survive.

"C-crate…?" His words echoed into the storm, forever lost in the ocean waves.
So basically, I was on the ToE RP forum, when the odd topic of shipping ships came up. Naturally, I had to write a fic about it. Short and sweet.
bluebird-laughing Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
YUP. This is getting fav'ed because it's strange and manages to be sweet despite being wtf-fodder. I'm strangely tempted to post mine.
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